Acting video clips

  • Eirlys' acting work, including Dr Who (BBC), Tonightly (Channel 4), High Hopes (BBC Wales) and Rhian: Big Brother.

    Showreel - Eirlys Bellin

  • Comedy Lab Pilot, written by Eirlys Bellin and Robert Evans. Produced by Boomerang (Sioned Wiliam & Steve Doherty). Featuring Eirlys Bellin, Spencer Brown & Emma Kennedy.

    Next Big Thing

  • Rhian Davies, the self-syled mentalist, has submitted a DVD to Channel 4, but they haven't decided if they want her or not... Only one thing for it, camp outside until they say YES.

    Rhian camps out at Channel 4

  • Rhian Davies on a Friday night - twenty eight Bacardi Breezers later, she's dancing with "a random homeless and wazzing outside Woolworths. Life is one big party!"

    Friday Night

  • In 2007, Eirlys went undercover to the Big Brother auditions at the ExCeL Centre in London as her celebrity wannabe character Rhian Davies. A "prime mentalist", Rhian fitted pretty well and even hit the headlines in The London Paper. No-one guessed she was a character..

    Directed by Amy Neil. Additional material by Sam Michell.

    Rhian: Big Brother 7 Audition

  • From L.A. to the Primrose Hill posse, her client base is always growing.

    Consuela is created and written by Eirlys and Robert Evans.

    Consuela, Venezuelan cleaner to the stars